Six Steps to Success – End of Life Care Programme

The Six Steps to Success Programme encompasses the philosophy of palliative care under pinned by national guidance. The programme has been adapted from the original by the Countess Mountbatten House Palliative Care Education Team for implementation locally. To date 71 care homes have completed it alongside individual staff.

The programme aims to improve the identification, treatment and care management of patients/residents approaching end of life as set out in the Ambitions for Palliative & End of Life Care (2015-2020) with a core focus of achieving good quality end of life care through organisational change and supporting staff to develop their roles, responsibilities, knowledge and skills around end of life care.

The programme consists of 4 full study days and 1 half day encompassing all aspects of the six steps pathway. This will include an introduction, the six steps, conclusion and an additional study day relating to Communication and Dementia.

There is an expectation that a portfolio of evidence will be completed at the end to demonstrate how the programme has been implemented into practice.

Those on the programme must be committed and engaged to this process by supporting 2-3 staff members to attend all sessions. With one staff member being a senior member of staff who can support, embed and sustain organisational change.

Southampton City CCG – this is a free programme
Step On Visit to be arranged with individual homes during October 2019
Steps 1 & 2   –   Tuesday 12th November 2019
Steps 3 & 4   –   Tuesday 10th December 2019
Communication & Dementia   –   Wednesday 8th January 2020
Steps 5 & 6   –   Tuesday 21st January 2020
Conclusion   –   Tuesday 25th February 2020

West Hampshire (within Countess Mountbatten’s catchment area)  – there is a charge of £500 for this programme
Step On Visit to be arranged with individual homes in October 2019
Steps 1 & 2   –   Thursday 14th November 2019
Steps 3 & 4   –   Thursday 12th December 2019
Steps 5 & 6   –   Thursday 23rd January 2020
Communication & Dementia   –   Wednesday 19th February 2020
Conclusion   –   Thursday 27th February 2020

For more details and to register your interest please contact us:

E: or

T: 02380 475547 (answerphone).

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